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Upcoming One Goal Events


One Goal Event from 4:15pm – 5:15pm


OneGoal is a nonprofit organization comprised of a coalition of USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, International Hockey Industry Association, National Hockey League (NHL), the NHL Players Association, rinks, equipment manufacturers, retailers, and many others across North America who are involved with hockey.

The "one goal" of this group is to build greater awareness and understanding of youth hockey so parents can make informed decisions about involving their families in the sport. For many of us who didn't grow up with the game, OneGoal makes it easier and less intimidating to join in on everything that hockey has to offer.

Registration is done via the FHA Website (www.foothillshockey.org) using the REGISTER NOW button, selecting Free Programs.  If you want to be on the ice as a helper, or your kids want to go on the ice as a mentor to these new kids, feel free to bring your skates, gloves, helmets and sticks.
Try it out for FREE!

FHA and Players Bench will provide the gear for 5 & 6 year old players. Some gear available for older players. Be sure to sign up to ensure that we have equipment for you. Skates are provided free of charge from the Edge Ice Arena.

What will youth hockey bring out in your kid?

Adventure, Confidence, Leadership. Hockey helps boys and girls make big strides.
It is a great way to get out and introduce a kid to the sport of ice hockey!  Come Try  and see if Hockey is right for your child.  Some Equipment will be provided and instruction by certified USA Hockey Coaches and Players will be provided. 

For more information regarding USA Hockey's One Goal, please visit their website at: www.onegoal.com