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2017-2018 Season Tryouts 

As always, Tryouts at Foothills Hockey are closed to viewers.  For the 2017-2018 season, travel teams will be selected by the Hockey Operations Committee (comprised of The Hockey Director, The Coaching Director, and all Tier Coaches) and the Head Coach of the respective team.  While there is a subjective component to selecting a player, there is also a good deal of numerical scoring that takes place from each evaluator.  If there is a serious disagreement on where your child falls, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with the Hockey Director, who can then share with you these numerical evaluations.


Tryouts Process:  

Hello FHA Families

For tryouts this year, we will have everyone in an age group skate together for two tryout evaluations.  After the second skate, we will break the group into two groups (upper and lower) and allow both groups to have one more skate (3 total tryouts).  This will allow everyone to have tryouts completed in three tryouts skates, much different than having players skate 7 times in 9 days as in the past.  Having said that, there are a few different ways to complete this process:

In scenario one (picking 3 teams - AA, A and B), we have 50+ players (including goalies).  In this situation we would have two groups of 25 players (including goalies).  On Day One of evaluations, we would have 15 minutes of skating skills, 30 minutes of small area games and 15 minutes of full ice. On Day Two, we would have 5 minutes of skating skills, 20 minutes of small area games and 35 minutes of full ice.  After that second skate we would split the two “teams” into two groups (upper and lower).  Then, both groups would have different third skate evaluations so that the Hockey Operations Committee and coaches can select the 3 teams. The “upper group” would mainly consist of the AA team and half of the “A” team and the “lower group” would be half of the “A” team and B team.

In scenario two (picking 4 teams AA, A, B Presidents and B Governors), we have 69+ players (including goalies).  In this situation we would have three groups of 23 players (including goalies).  Group 1 would skate with Group 2 for their first skate.  Then Group 1 would skate with Group 3 for their second skate and Group 3’s first skate.  For the final evaluation, Group 2 and Group 3 would skate.  After all three groups have completed their two evaluation skates, we will split the three groups into 2 larger groups (upper and lower).  Both groups will skate one more time and the Hockey Operations Committee and coaches will pick the 4 teams. The “upper group” will have slightly more players than the lower group because we need to insure that we have the right players for the “AA” and “A” teams.  Players cut as this point will be placed onto the Presidents “B” team.  As for the “lower group”, these players will be skating for placement on the Presidents or Governors “B” teams.

Players in the 2nd group (considered the lower group) for the final day of tryouts still have an opportunity to achieve the A team.  Being in the lower group is not a given that the player will be on either B team.  Your player still has an opportunity to achieve the A team.

Please understand that having your skater make an “upper group” doesn’t ensure that he/she will be placed on the top two teams.  All of our players need to demonstrate their skills for 3 consecutive evaluations and earn their spot on any team.  As always, tryouts are closed to viewing.  I hope this information allows you to understand this year's process better.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks and all the best

Scott Smith
Foothills Youth Hockey Director