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·      To promote the use of the shooting cage
·      Develop wrist strength and shooting/passing skills
·      To promote working on player shooting, skating and edge work
·      To provide a reward for the work
Players: Open to all U8 Players
Goals:  There are two ways for players to earn rewards:  Spend 14 hours in the cage and/or take 1400 shots.
Rules:  Program starts TBD for the 2013-2014 Season.  Time and shots will be tracked on an honor system.  Parents are not required to be in the cage with players, but parent supervision will be required.  Any time spent in the cage will count towards the hours; shots will be all shots towards the net.  Multiple players can be in cage at once. Shots can count from home in driveway, garage or basement so long as using full length stick and appropriately weighted hockey ball or puck (no knee hockey). U8 on ice practice time does not count.  Instructions on reporting progress will be provided once the program has begun.
Rewards:  For 14 hours in the cage, the player will earn a choice of a Smart Hockey stick handling ball or a green biscuit.  For 1400 shots, the player will earn a puck with the 14er Club logo.  Potentially, a space on the U8 website could be used to list the names of the players that achieve the goals and a board to track updates outside the cage for name recognition as well. At a minimum progress will be tracked via spreadsheet.
Additional Info:  The Shooting Cage is open to any member of the FHA family.  A key to access the cage can be requested from the FHA office.  Also, some coaches have keys as well.  Proper care of the Shooting Cage is required.  There are no street shoes allowed inside the cage.  Only hockey skates are allowed.  After each use of the cage, it must be swept out and pucks cleaned up (broom, dustpan, and bucket provided) and the cage locked.  Booties are available for parents to help sweep, but skates are preferred.  If there are any issues with the cage or its contents, please report this to Geoff and Jeff as soon as possible.  Use of the cage with older siblings is highly encouraged.  The program’s success will be monitored at the U8 level and, if deemed appropriate, may be expanded to include older age groups.
Any questions, please contact Geoff or Jeff at the emails provided above.