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  1. Concussion Baseline Testing – For those members new to FHA, or Squirts moving up to Pee Wee, FHA has invested in Concussion Baseline Testing software called ImPACT!  We began this program for the 2012-2013 season, and 95% of our eligible members were tested.  Over the course of the last 3 seasons, approximately 25-30 kids suspected they received concussions, or were diagnosed with concussions.  When this happens, that member comes into the FHA office to take a Follow-Up test, and results of the baseline and follow up test are used as tools for your Doctor to help diagnose or to release you back to activity.  This tool has been universally well received.
    1. In 2017-2018, all NEW Pee Wee-Midget aged kids, all returning members moving up to Pee Wee from Squirt, any returning member who has NOT taken a baseline test, and ALL those members who took their baseline test in 2015-2016, will be required to be baseline tested and/or re-tested.  These Baseline Tests are valid for 2 years, and we are now on our 5th year of this program.  Please keep an eye out for information about this during the summer.
    2. We have added a field in the Registration System that asks if and when you received a baseline test from FHA.  It is a required field.  This will help us track who HAS NOT received the test, and who has to establish a new baseline.
    3. All those who completed the baseline test in 2016-2017 DO NOT have to take another baseline test.  This is required every TWO years.

NFHS   Concussion Training - http://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=15000

CDC     Concussion training - http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/online_training.html1

Post injury Process:


  1. If there is reason to believe the player may have any sort of injury, especially a possible concussion, the first step is to immediately remove the player from play.
  2. FHA coaches have been instructed to contact parents following any sort of potential head injury and inform the parents of the potential injury. 
  3. Any player that has demonstrated distinct symptoms of a concussion will not be allowed to return to any Practice/Game Play until they have seen a medical professional and received a written authorization to return to play, which then must be given to a member of the coaching staff.
  4. For possible concussions, the parents of the player should send an email to to schedule the re-test of the injured player.
  5. One of the FHA admins of the program will reach out to the parents ASAP to schedule a time to meet at the FHA office for the re-testing procedure.
  6. Ideally the re-test should be administered between 24-72 hours after the injury and prior to the player seeing their physician.  Re-testing before 24 hours from the injury is deemed less effective, and taking the test after seeing the physician will not hurt, but doesn’t provide the physician with the Before/After comparative results.
  7. Following the re-test you will be given a hard copy of the two sets of test results or an electronic copy (or both), which can then be given to the player’s physician for review.

* FHA has limited the program to the PeeWee+ age levels based upon the recommendations of the medical professionals with IMPACT and their research that indicates it’s not effective for any younger players.