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As part of the USA Hockey SafeSport program, individuals in routine contact with FHA players, must be background screened prior to being allowed to serve duties such as Locker room monitor, Team Manager, Coaching, Serving on the BOD etc ...  CAHA absorbs the cost for rostered coaches, team managers, BOD and FHA administration.  

All other volunteers must be screened at the expense of the association.  The cost is $30 for the complete Colorado National screen and is billed to the individual teams, where the cost is shared amongst the team as additional team fee.  Only those individuals whom have spoken with the Head Coach / team Manager should submit for a background check to avoid unnecessary costs to the team.


If you are an FHA Coach or a Team Manager, use the following procedure:

Beginning with the 2014-2015 season, everyone needs to create a Sport NGIN account in order to access the new CAHA site (http://www.caha.co/) (please do not go to the old CAHA site associated with point streak).

The link below will take you directly to where you can create a Sport NGIN account.  If you find that your username is taken, it may be that you have an old Sport NGIN account, which means you will need to recover your old password instead of creating a new account.


Once you have created a login and logged into CAHA, you will be able to access CCYHL & Tier II League information, game schedules, rosters, stat’s and scores.

If you are a team manager or a coach and need to complete your background screen you should do so via the CAHA website and not the FHA (Protect Youth Sports).  CAHA pays for all the background screening for Team Managers and Coaches.

Use this link to access the CAHA screening - http://www.cohockey.org/registration-screening


If you an FHA volunteer, but not a Coach or Team Manager use the following procedure:
Steps in the Process for 

1.  Contact the Head Coach / Team Manager of the team and offering to volunteer.
2.  The Coach or Team Manager should send an email to with the name of the volunteer and the team they are volunteering for (which will be the team the check is billed against).
3.  The volunteer must go to the following link - https://opportunities.averity.com/FoothillsHA

4.  Fill out the form at the link above and submit.  NOTE: FHA does not have access to the personal information such as your SSN.  This information is securely transmitted via the Protect Youth Sports website and is not available to FHA,
5.  FHA will associate the volunteer name to the appropriate team, and the team will be billed $30 for every applicant (Pass or Fail).
6.  FHA will receive a Pass/Fail result from the test and is not privy to the details of the report. (Should there be any concerns over the outcome of the report, FHA can arrange for the individual with concerns to speak directly with Protect Youth Sports).
7.  FHA will notify the volunteer Team Manager Coaching staff to alert them that an individual has Passed or Failed a check.