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by renee mcquinn posted 02/17/2017

Hello Flyer Families, It is that time of year again to speak about getting involved and giving back.  For those of you who do not know, other than Scott Smith (our Hockey Director) and Renee McQuinn (our Office Administrator), we are an all-volunteer-run Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Every year, a new Board is elected by the membership.  Directors for Under 8, Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget, House and Coaching are nominated, complete business plans to help you decide who you would like to head those positions, and then are voted on by their respective members within that Age Group or Coaching group.

Those member-elected positions are then responsible for choosing the next executive committee (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) through an interview and election process.

All of this begins during this month of February, where calls for nominations are sent out to all interested parties.  Acceptance of nominees Will close on April 1st, the nominees and their business plans and biographies are then loaded on to the FHA Website on April 5th, and are open for consideration.  On April 6th, electronic ballots are emailed to all members, voting takes place on-line through a constant contact survey/election, and voting ends on April 28th at 5:00pm.  On May 1st, the newly elected Board of Directors is then announced to the membership, and their term begins on May 1st.  Beginning on April 1st, a call for nominations takes place for Officers of the Executive Committee, closing on May 1st.  All nominees are then interviewed during the May 8th Board Meeting by the newly elected Board of Directors, and new Officers are then elected.

We have a wonderful program here at FHA that continues to grow both in terms of membership and competitiveness.  That only happens, however, because of the generosity of those people who contribute their time and talent to the running of this association.  Throughout the year, it is easy for members to find something that upsets them, or something that is inconvenient for them, and they voice that opinion.  The difficult part is coming to the table with a solution, and being willing to invest the time to be on the team to fix what is broken, grow what works, and continue to make this association the best possible place for its members and their two most prized possessions – their children and their money.

That time is now.  If you have ever considered serving in any of these capacities, get your name thrown into the hat.  It is not always fun, it is not always easy, but it is always necessary, and can be very rewarding.

Many of you will have questions about what a particular job entails.  We do have general job descriptions in our Bylaws, Policies and Procedures which are located on our Website under BOD Documents.  Your best resource, though, would be to talk to the current board members to get their opinions of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the time requirements.

Your program runs better when its members have different skill sets and different personalities from which to choose.  The more nominees we have vying for your votes, the better the candidates who will win your votes.  Consider yourselves on notice!  Get involved, give back, and become part of the team.

If you are interested, please complete the Nomination Form, complete the Business Plan Questions and include a short Biography, and send those to Renee McQuinn at office@foothillshockey.org.

Thank You.

Dave Twinam
Vice President / Acting President FHA Board of Directors 




by renee mcquinn posted 02/02/2017



FHA 18 Midget Major AA team won the Tier II State Championship!! 


Congratulations to Coach Jentz, his Staff, Players and Parents. As many of you may recall from previous emails, we have many longtime Flyers on this team. I am very excited for them to win our first Tier II Championship at this level. Your dedication, loyalty and work ethic really has paid off.  

We wish you the best of luck in Lansing, MI April 6th-10th   


by renee mcquinn posted 12/14/2016



Flyer Families, 



It's with great pleasure that I can announce the 2016 Quebec Qualifier Champions to all of you, our very own Peewee AA Team!! Congratulations to Coach Klee, his Staff, Players and Parents. This is another first for our program and what an accomplishment. This team continues to impress me with their desire, work ethic and heart. Winning the two biggest Peewee Tournaments of the season thus far is incredible. 


Our team winning this tournament isn’t only a first for FHA but also the Colorado Avalanche. Ken Klee is the first Avalanche Alumni to win the Quebec Qualifier. I know the Avalanche share our excitement for this team of Champions. Winning this tournament will now send our team to Quebec City to represent Foothills, Colorado, and the Colorado Avalanche in the biggest tournament of its kind. Our team will be wearing Colorado Avalanche jerseys in this all expenses paid trip by the Colorado Avalanche. We are very proud of you and know the memories you're about to create will be stories for a lifetime. Enjoy the epic journey you are about to embark on



by renee mcquinn posted 11/22/2016

I’m very pleased to announce, our Peewee AA team has accomplished a historic WIN for FHA. They are the 2016 Rocky Mountain Regional Silver Stick Champions!! Coach Klee, his Staff and his Players have broken the “Finals Curse” for FHA. Congratulations to all of them for making us VERY proud.



To give you a little background on this tournament, our history with this tournament and why this is so impressive. This is a qualifying tournament for the International Silver Stick Finals. Only 18 Regional Champions in the United States qualify for the International Tournament. Coach Klee and his players will compete against other US/Canadian Champions to win the coveted sterling Silver Stick pin.

Previously, FHA has qualified for the Rocky Mountain Finals 9 times. Sadly, all 9 teams lost in the final game of the tournament. Not this year! Coach Klee, his Staff and players have ended this drought for our program. Again, Congratulations to our Peewee AA Team and Staff, I know you will continue to make your program very proud of you. All of us wish you luck at the International Tournament in late January in Port Huron!   



by renee mcquinn posted 11/15/2016

Good Evening Flyer Families,


We have some exciting news about our program to share with you. Our Bantam AA team (Under 14) won the DU Pioneer Classic, defeating Evolution 4-1 in the finals. Congratulations to Coach Weeks, his staff and the players for starting the Bantam AA season off with a championship!!!




Later that afternoon, our Midget Minor AA (Under16) team also won the DU Pioneer Classic, defeating the Colorado Springs Jr Tigers 5-1 in the finals. Congratulations to Coach Weeks, his staff and the players for starting the season undefeated!!!


In my brief five years as your Hockey Director, I received news that made me very proud to be a FLYER!!!!!!! For the first time in our program’s history, we have a team ranked #1 in the country. Congratulations to our Midget Minor AA team for this outstanding achievement. For those of you that don’t know how impressive this ranking is, they’re #1 out of 284 teams at this level. I am extremely proud of Coach Joel Weeks for this outstanding accomplishment. I know we are very lucky to have Joel coaching in our program and his players are better men because of him.

Minor AA players, this is a great honor to be ranked #1. Allow this honor to drive your competitive nature to work even harder. Allow us to remain PROUD with your effort, drive and determination to remain the best U16 AA TEAM in the country.

Link:  http://www.myhockeyrankings.com/


Scott Smith
Foothills Youth Hockey Director

by renee mcquinn posted 09/29/2016
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